Best sleeping status for Whatsapp

By | August 17, 2016

Here is Best sleeping status for whatsapp which has lot of best status which you can update while sleeping . Best sleeping status for whatsapp will help you say good night with best status to your contacts. So kindly start using best sleeping status for whatsapp from below



Dont lose your hope. You will never know what tomorrow might bring. Good night and sweet dreams.

Dear mind, stop thinking so much at night because I need to sleep….

Roses are red and i am going to sleep 😉

Always Remember to put me in to your dreams and make your dream INTENSE. Always Love you good night.

Time to say Good Night real world and Hello dream world.

Dear sleep, I always know we had problems when I was young, but I love you now.

One day, we’ll never have to say a word goodbye, only goodnight.

Each and Every Night, It is a Endless Battle Between Sleep And Internet. 🙂 Good Night

One day I will rule the World until then, I am going to sleep. Good Night

Let us go to bed. I’m super tired of this day. I need new one. Good Night

I always wish I could be there to hold u very tight, instead of saying this loving good night.

Its night time and whole world is asleep, but caring hearts are still awake and thinking about special ones like you. Good Night.

My bed is calling name so I am ready to tuck in blanket and feel warm. Good night dear Facebook and stay warm 😉

Life will always offers you second chance. it’s called tomorrow.

Thank you god for good life and forgive us all if we do not love it enough.

Stars bright, stars light , you are only star i see night ! good night my friend.

Keep calm and  goodnight.

Don’t lose the hope, you will never know what tomorrow will bring.

Don’t forget to pray this night because god don’t forget to wake up you this morning.

One day I will rule the World for sure, Until that time , I am going to bed.

Don’t lose hope, Good night

Love is simpler feeling, i dream every night about you i am thinking to capture your heart … I love you.

Dear sleep, i know we had lot problems when i was kid…. but i love you now.

Goodnight moon , good night starts, goodnight you when you’re all that about me and i think about all that i dream about.

I really don’t have time to hate people and  who hatesme … because, i am  too busy in loving the people who loves me.

Sleep tight ,good night and  i will be dreaming of you with all might.

I am not for the princess but i always wait for the girl who think that i am her prince.

Night is very precious time which is given by god to us where we could look into our dreams accomplished with our close eyes.. so .. sleep tight and good night.

Touch your heart, try closing your eyes, make a small wish and say good night.

Tomorrow will bring you love and happiness and now go to sleep

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is new day with no mistakes in yet? good night.

A good laugh and long sleep are best cures in doctor’s book.

Sleeping is always nice. You forget about everything for little while.

Someone wishes you goodnight every day, you are happier than lot of people.

Those who always snore will always fall asleep first .

Always Remember to put me in your daily dreams and make that dream very INTENSE. Love you good night sweet dreams.

Loving you is like the breathing. How can I stop it? Good Night. See you in  the dreams world.

Time to end shitty day and start it again tomorrow.


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