Best Angry Status for Whatsapp

By | August 10, 2016
Everyone gets angry very quick, i have written some Best Angry Status for Whatsapp. when you are angry , you can use Best Angry status for whatsapp and expresss it. Here below are some Best Angry status for whatsapp :

Best Angry Status for Whatsapp

1. Sometimes one of the middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That is why you have two hands. 
2. Sometimes I am just not in mood to talk. 
3. If I delete your phone number, you are basically deleted from my whole life. 
4. Some people really need to open their small minds instead of opening their big mouths. 
5. Do not try to please some other people if in end, you know it will not work. 
6. I won’t delete you or block you but I am keeping you over there so you will able to see how happy i will be without you. 
7. I might look calm, but in my head i have killed you about 5 times. 
8. People always change, things always go wrong, shit happens, but life always goes on. 
9. Just because i will be quiet, that do not mean i am mad. 
10. Sucks when you realize  you rejected so many people for that one person who always waste your time. 
11. Some people never realize emotional and also mental damage that they do to others. 
12. Nobody will make you angry, but  you decide to use anger as response. 
13. Never ever forget what someone will say to you when they are angry, because that is  when the truth comes. 
14. My silence doesn’t mean that I will be quiet… It simply means that I don’t want to argue like people who just don’t want to understand me.
15. Everything is getting too expensive except some people, they are getting too cheaper. 
16. If you are going to speak about be behind my back, do not smile at me to my face.
17. Never make yourself like feeling nothing to make someone else feeling like everything. 
18. Anger is acid that can do lot harm to vessel in which it is stored than anything on which is poured. 
19. Sometimes i will be not angry, but i am hurt and there is  much  big difference. 
20. If you are going to talk about me from my back, don’t  ever smile at me to my face! 
21.  By God, there is  lot to make you more angry. 
22. Don’t be too happy, I don’t really forgive these kind people, I just pretend like it’s normal and wait for my turn to destroy them. 
23. Anger is the only  and one letter short of Danger. 
24. When you stopped believing me, I did same too. 
25. It’s always better to cry than to get angry because anger hurts others, while tears flow silently and cleanness the heart…
26. Anger blows out lamp of the mind.
27. For every minute you will remain angry, you will give up sixty seconds of the peace of mind. 
28. Person who has lot of anger inside him,he will definitely love people more than anyone else can. because red color indicates anger then it will indicate love too… 
29. Definition of EX,Thanks for experience. Our time is expired. Now exit from my life. 
30. Never regret  something that  made you smile. 
31.Beware, I am really not in greatest mood today.
32.Anger lies lasts forever. Anger truth can’t last.
33. May i kill you this morning?
34.Am i really close to walk away?
35.Anger is a short living madness
36.Where there will be anger, there is be pain too
37.Depression is always merely anger without an enthusiasm.
38.Angry? Take a breath before you speak, because always your mouth acts quicker than brain.
39.Anger is not at all bad. Anger can be very positive thing, the thing that always moves beyond acceptance of evil.

40.More expectations always break relations

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